Saturday, September 9, 2017

Buy a Book to Help with Hurricane Harvey Recovery

When Hurricane Harvey hit Beaumont, Texas we were very lucky compared to so many others, but we did suffer some damages and losses that are not covered by insurance. These things are minor compared to the devastation many of my fellow Texans have suffered, but are still enough to cause debt and difficulties. I just learned a few days ago that FEMA has refused to help us. I have some copies of my last book TWO EMPRESSES as well as a few of THE SECRETS OF LIZZIE BORDEN, if anyone would like to help by purchasing a signed copy for $15 (shipping to US addresses only) please email me.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and shown concern for my safety and well-being.


Brandy Purdy

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lizzie Borden's Secret Motive for Murder?

Lizzie Borden’s Secret Motive for Murder?

A romantic relationship gone awry and troubles at home could explain why many still believe Lizzie Borden killed her parents.

Though she was acquitted, Lizzie Borden is famous for taking an axe and giving her stepmother 40 whacks. So what really happened on August 4, 1892 that made her snap?


My novel THE SECRETS OF LIZZIE BORDEN is available as a paperback and an ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

From the back cover:

In her enthralling, richly imagined new novel, Brandy Purdy, author of The Ripper’s Wife, creates a compelling portrait of the real, complex woman behind an unthinkable crime.

Lizzie Borden should be one of the most fortunate young women in Fall River, Massachusetts. Her wealthy father could easily afford to provide his daughters with fashionable clothes, travel, and a rich, cultured life. Instead, haunted by the ghost of childhood poverty, he forces Lizzie and her sister, Emma, to live frugally, denying them the simplest modern conveniences. Suitors and socializing are discouraged, as her father views all gentleman callers as fortune hunters.

Lonely and deeply unhappy, Lizzie stifles her frustration, dreaming of the freedom that will come with her eventual inheritance. But soon, even that chance of future independence seems about to be ripped away. And on a stifling August day in 1892, Lizzie’s long-simmering anger finally explodes…

Vividly written and thought-provoking, The Secrets of Lizzie Borden explores the fascinating events behind a crime that continues to grip the public imagination—a story of how thwarted desires and desperate rage could turn a dutiful daughter into a notorious killer.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

For Kindle & ebook Fans: Revisit My Tudor Novels This Summer

Amazon has my series of Tudor novels on sale from $2.99 to $9.99 so I thought now would be a good time to revisit these books. Although they are all set in the Tudor era, they are not really a series; each is a fully independent story that can be enjoyed on its own.

Click on the title of each book and it will take you directly to Amazon for ordering or to read a sample.

THE BOLEYN WIFE is the story of Lady Jane Rochford, wife of George Boleyn. It's the story of a woman obsessed with her husband and driven mad by jealousy of the woman he loves most--his sister, Anne Boleyn. This book is a wild ride, it's meant to be fun, not to drive the fact-checkers into a frenzy. When I wrote it I imagined Lady Rochford sitting by the fire telling her poisonous tale to a captivated audience and leaving it to them to decide how much is truth and how much is lies created by a vengeful and spiteful mind.

THE TUDOR THRONE allows Mary and Elizabeth, the daughters of Henry VIII, to tell the story of their tumultuous love/hate relationship in their own voices. Its a journey charting how love, and longing to be loved, became Mary's ultimate weakness, and why Elizabeth chose power over passion.

THE QUEEN'S PLEASURE is the story of Amy Robsart Dudley, the unfortunate victim caught in the middle of a dangerous royal love affair between her husband, Robert Dudley, and Queen Elizabeth I. Amy's death is one of the great unsolved mysteries of English history. Although the book description makes it sound more like the story of Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, this is really Amy's story. It's a heartbreaking tale of a neglected and unwanted wife, dying of breast cancer at a time when there was nothing medical science, such as it was in the sixteenth century, could do for her, all the while knowing that her husband would prefer her dead.

THE QUEEN'S RIVALS is the story of the three Grey sisters. Lady Jane, the scholarly one who became famous as England's nine days queen. Katherine, the beauty of the family who lived and died all for love. And Mary, the dwarf with the twisted spine, who thought that she was meant to live vicariously through her sisters instead of experiencing a life of her own. 

THE BOLEYN BRIDE is the story of the haughty aristocrat who thought she was stepping down in the world when she married a merchant's grandson, Thomas Boleyn. Bored and discontented at her husband's country castle, she bore three children. Mary, the golden girl who would become the mistress of two monarchs, moody but brilliant George, and the ugly duckling who would surprise them all by becoming the most desirable woman in the realm--Anne Boleyn. This book tells the story, through a mother's eyes, of her children's rise and fall in the treacherous and glittering world of the Tudor court.

My first novel THE CONFESSION OF PIERS GAVESTON is also available as a Kindle ebook.
It tells the story of the scandalous and forbidden love affair that nearly rocked medieval England to its foundations. 

Like famous historical crimes? 

THE RIPPER'S WIFE tells the story of Jack the Ripper through the eyes of the woman who knew him best, and Lizzie Borden tells also in THE SECRETS OF LIZZIE BORDEN.

Finally, my last historical novel, TWO EMPRESSES, tells the entwined stories of Napoleon's Empress Josephine and her cousin Aimee, who would become a Sultan's favorite.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bobby's Kodak (1908) starring Robert "Bobby" Harron

As a longtime fan, and would-be biographer, of Bobby Harron, this is an exciting discovery for me. My research has revealed that his first starring role, the long presumed lost short film Bobby's Kodak (1908) does indeed still exist. The Library of Congress has a print, albeit of poor quality.

Unfortunately, obtaining a copy of the full film is beyond my means, but I was able to get these stills. My sincere thanks to the Library of Congress librarians and technicians for their help.

In this short film, Bobby plays a young boy who is given a camera, which he then uses to capture family members in some rather embarrassing situations.

Here are the stills I have as a Christmas treat I'd like to share with other Robert Harron fans.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Tabby!

Tabby is nine years old today. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The LineUp's Special Anniversary Feature About THE SECRETS OF LIZZIE BORDEN

To mark the anniversary of the Borden Murders, The Lineup published an article about THE SECRETS OF LIZZIE BORDEN. The link is below, but a word of warning, it contains major spoilers. If you intend to read the book and don't want to know about the murders, please skip this one; I'm afraid it might spoil it for you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016