Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

After his blockbuster bestseller "The Da Vinci Code," Dan Brown is back with an all new thriller featuring Professor Robert Langdon. This time the action takes place in Washington D.C. and the plot involves the Freemasons, and the Legend of the Masonic Pyramid, supposedly the portal to the Ancient Mysteries, a treasure trove of wisdom and power, and clues encrypted in the work of artist and mystic Albrecht Durer.
Some say Dan Brown only has one plot, and I can't really disagree. In each of the Robert Langdon novels a powerful man is either killed or kidnapped and Robert Langdon teams up with a female relative of the victim to unravel a string of cryptic, esoteric clues steeped in history and occult lore, all the time being pursued by a zealous, fanatical villain and impeded by the authorities. But, for me at least, the fun of Dan Brown's novels is in the details, not the formulaic tried and true plot.
In this one, a bald, castrated muscle man covered in esoteric tattoos from head to toe takes the place of the albino monk as villain. He kidnaps Peter Solomon, a high-ranking Freemason and friend of Robert Langdon, and leaves his severed hand symbolically posed and tattooed on the floor of the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. Robert Langdon and the missing man's sister, Katherine Solomon, a cutting edge scientist, must team up and run a race against time and keep one step ahead of a CIA manhunt, to decipher the code on a mysterious stone pyramid and save the day.
Though I liked "The Da Vinci Code" much better, "The Lost Symbol" is still a fun fast-paced read with lots of interesting tidbits about history, hidden meanings, symbols, and secret societies.


Elizabeth said...

How timely! Just stopping by to let you know The Boleyn Wife arrived today and I'm going to start it as soon as I finish Lost Symbol. I'm 1/2 way through and I totally agree w/ your review.

Brandy Purdy said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I hope you enjoy the rest of The Lost Symbol and my novel as well.