Friday, October 30, 2009

Five Star Featured Review for The Boleyn Wife at Manic Readers

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Thank you Cheryl for the glowing review, I am glad you enjoyed my book.
"You know her name…Anne Boleyn. You know her story but do you really know what happened? This is the story of King Henry the eighth and Anne Boleyn from the angle of someone who was there from the beginning…Lady Jane Parker.

Jane was the wife of George Boleyn, Anne’s brother. Jane only had eyes for George, even though her father despised him. He warned her that she would never be able to change him and he would only cause her heartache. Jane didn’t care what her father said, she planned to marry George. What Jane didn’t realize at the time was that she would always play second string for her husband’s affections as he showered Anne will all his love.

I really enjoyed this book. The Boleyn Wife is not only deserving of royalty but it also rules as one of the best new books for 2010! This book transported me back in time to a place where kings ruled and the ladies shined in beautiful gowns. I had a very hard time putting this book down. In fact, I think the longest I went without holding this book in my hands was a few minutes. Experiencing things through Jane’s eyes was a nice twist on a classic story. This book takes the readers through King Henry’s wives from Catherine of Aragon to Katherine Howard. Author, Brandy Purdy did an excellent job with The Boleyn Wife. I would gladly read another novel by her."

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