Saturday, February 6, 2010

Presenting Tabby in Cat Couture

Tabby: If life is like a stage and we're all merely players then it's all about what will I wear next; right?

A simple pink t-shirt for basic, everyday wear.

The Sweater Girl: Tell Me The Truth Purrlease, Do These Stripes Make Me Look Fat?

For evening wear you simply can't go wrong with sparkly hot pink!

Yawn! Modeling is such hard work!

Coming soon to a theatre near you: SLEEP OF THE DEVIL CAT!

If Piers Gaveston is the Lord of Misrule in mommy's book (THE CONFESSION OF PIERS GAVESTON) then I'm her Lady of Misrule, and with this court jester cap and collar I'm also all set for Mardi Gras!

But, on the other hand...I think I'd rather just go to sleep.

With the exception of the court jester's cap, Tabby has been dressed for this photo shoot in a lavish wardrobe purchased from


Daphne said...

Those are too cute! I can't believe your cat tolerated being dressed and undressed - and posed so willingly!

Susan Higginbotham said...

She's so cute! We put a dog sweater on Onslow one year, and he carried on as if we were giving him a bath!

CelticLady said...

Haha.. you just made my night, I love it!!!

lizzy J said...

Oh My Goodness I almost fell out of my chair that was GREAT. I love cats they make me laugh so so hard. They are crazy. I really laughed at the red sweater when she is yawning it looks like really she is biting it.

Devil cat is cute but my favorite is the one with her reading. Too cute.

mannequin said...

heh, poor little kitty. How humiliating, the things we do to our cats. Still, Tabby is right; it's all about what to wear next dahling!

Mary Sharratt said...

So cute! Your cat is quite the model!