Sunday, August 29, 2010

Doomed Queen Anne by Carolyn Meyer

This young adult novel tells the story of Anne Boleyn, portraying Anne as an ambitious girl who grew up always in the shadow of her beautiful older sister Mary. As she endures the teasing of the typical Tudor popular pretty girls, with their blonde hair, buxom curves, and blue eyes, who mock her black hair, the mole she covers with a jewel attached to a ribbon choker, and the nub of a sixth finger, she vows that someday they will all bow to her. And when her sister wins the coveted prize of becoming mistress to King Henry VIII, Anne vows that she will best her by marrying him and becoming Queen of England. And so she does.

The familiar story of the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn is told in the form of a journal written on the eve of her execution in which she looks back upon her life, notes her mistakes, and acknowledges that pride was her greatest sin of all.
I think this would be a wonderful book to introduce a young girl to the personalities, pageantry, and drama of the Tudor court. And while the book does not gloss over things like romance, adultery, and childbirth, and some of the less flattering aspects and episodes in the lives of famous people as many of the biographies of famous people written for children used to do, it is not at all explicit, and I think any parent could safely allow their child to read this book.

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librarypat said...

Carolyn Meyer's series, THE YOUNG ROYALS, has many good books that are wonderfully suited for middle and high school students. As you said, they are a good introduction to these historically important women. Thanks for bringing her books to everyone's attention.