Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

In the lean, hungry, desperate days of the Great Depression, Marcus Connelly takes to the road and rails on a cross-country quest, to avenge the murder of his little girl. His quarry is a mysterious, scar-faced man known as Mr. Shivers who strikes fear into the hearts of the hobos and inhabitants of the shanty towns and camps for migrant workers, and gives birth to numerous legends and superstitions about him that are whispered in awe and fear around the campfires.

Connelly soon meets up with a ragtag band of drifters who are also on the trail of Mr. Shivers. He has taken the life of someone each one of them loved or cared deeply about and they all want revenge. But as the hunt progresses, Connelly begins to wonder if Mr. Shivers is something more than a man after all. Perhaps there is some truth in all those stories whispered around the campfires after all?

While this is a thought-provoking and atmospheric tale, those looking for thrill-a-minute horror with lots of action and gore might want to pass this one by, as the story unfolds at a very leisurely pace.

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