Sunday, September 19, 2010

Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay

David Harwood's life becomes a nightmare the day he and his wife Jan take their four-year-old son Ethan to a local amusement park. Ethan's stroller vanishes when Jan looks away for just a moment to get a stone out of her shoe and David goes to get an ice cream cone. The frantic parents split up to search for their missing child. David breathes a deep sign of relief when he finds Ethan safe and sound in his stroller as a bearded man flees the scene, but when he tries to alert Jan he discovers that his wife has vanished.

Jan has been down lately, chafing at her humdrum existence, a life spent making sandwiches, working, and picking her son up from his grandparents house after work, she has been having suicidal thoughts and has even said that her husband and child would be better off without her, so when she vanishes David fears the worse. But fear turns to outright horror when investigation reveals that David is the only witness to this depressive behavior and all too soon he finds himself the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance and possible murder.

As a reporter employed by the struggling local paper which has gone way downhill and become a joke due to outsourcing to India to save money, David wonders if his coverage of the controversial plan to open a privately run prison in area is related to wife's disappearance. He also delves into the mysteries of her past, and contacts his wife's estranged parents only to discover that his wife is not who she claimed to be. So who is Jan really, where is she, and why has she disappeared? David races to find out before he can be arrested for a murder he didn't commit.

This is another up-all-night mystery/thriller from Linwood Barclay and it doesn't disappoint.

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