Sunday, September 26, 2010

Too Close To Home by Linwood Barclay

When randy teenager Derek Cutter concocts what he thinks is a brilliant scheme to hide out in his best friend's house while the family is away for a week-long vacation so he and his girlfriend Penny can be alone, his plans go tragically wrong when the family returns unexpectedly. Derek hides in the basement, planning to sneak out when they are settled into bed for the night, but before he can make his escape an intruder arrives and viciously guns down the entire Langley family.

Derek soon finds himself in jail as the prime suspect. As his father, Jim Cutter, delves into the mystery, determined to prove his son's innocence, an old computer with a manuscript stored on it that later became a bestseller, written by the president of he local college muddies the waters. The disturbing possibility also arises that the Langleys were murdered by mistake, that the killer went to the wrong house, and the Cutter family were the intended victims.

This is yet another gripping thriller from the pen of Linwood Barclay, a great book to stay up all night with if you can't sleep or keep you awake even if you can.

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