Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghost Hunters True Stories From The World's Most Famous Demonologists by Ed and Lorraine Warren with Robert David Chase

This book was, I have to admit, a bit of a let down after reading Graveyard by the same authors. This is one of those books where the description on the front dustjacket flap makes the stories inside sound far more exciting than most of them actually are. One of them even seemed to be included solely for the sack of mentioning a meeting with actress Jane Seymour.

But there are still some interesting and spooky stories here. To highlight a few: There are tales of ghosts and demonic possession and even a psychic encounter with Bigfoot. One chapter tells how Lorraine used her psychic powers to bring to justice the killers of a beautiful young wife and mother who was abducted from her husband's store, where was she working the counter one night, and brutally raped and murdered. And there are meddlesome and unhappy spirits who stalk West Point Military Academy, the cautionary tale of a teen whose dalliances with a Ouija Board and occult paperback books invites demonic possession and sexual attacks from the spirit world into her life, and the story of a man who was raped by a hag-like incubus, and a lonely misfit mortician whose forays into necrophilia lead to him being haunted by the spirits of the dead women he has sexually molested. There is also a chapter about the Amityville Horror and another about the cursed village of Dudleyville.

For those looking for a fast-paced, occult-themed read this might be an interesting book to pass the time with. Although I enjoyed some of the stories, I just found it somewhat lacking. It suffers from some of the same faults as the previous book I read by these authors, Graveyard,which detailed a series of cemetery related hauntings, there is a lack of substantive facts and details, but I just enjoyed the stories in that book more than I did most of the ones featured in this book.

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