Sunday, January 9, 2011

Star Island by Carl Hiassen

This highly entertaining novel with its cast of quirky characters chronicles the saga of Cherry Pye a twenty-two year old blonde booze and drug addled pop star, who sings like a frog with emphysema, but still manages to lip-synch her way to the top from her early days of stardom as a buckskin clad cowgirl on a Nickelodeon kiddie show.

Hidden in the background, but always on call, is Anne DeLusia, Cherry’s “undercover stunt double” who pretends to be Cherry whenever she is too “indisposed” to appear in public. But when Anne is kidnapped by a crazed paparazzi obsessed with Cherry the race is on to get her back before the fact that Cherry has a double hits the scandal sheets and entertainment gossip shows. Leading the search are Cherry’s indulgent stage mother, mild-mannered father whose life revolves around charity golf tournaments and a menage a trois with a bisexual Danish couple, Cherry’s plastic surgery enhanced identical twin publicists, a manager with a thing for kinky sex with barely legal beauties, and a no nonsense bodyguard who wields a weed whacker prosthesis in lieu of the typical artificial hand and a face that inspires nightmares.

This is a fun, fast read for anyone who has even been amused or appalled by the antics of the young blonde pop stars, actresses, models, and heiresses who just can’t seem to get their act together and the tabloid photographers and newshounds who dog their every step.

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