Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Release Date Moved Up For Mary & Elizabeth by Emily Purdy + Some More News from the UK

I've just learned that the British edition of my novel Mary & Elizabeth by Emily Purdy (The Tudor Throne by Brandy Purdy in the USA) will be released a little earlier than originally announced, on June 9th instead of the previously stated June 16th. The release date for the US edition remains the same--June 28th.

My UK publisher Harper/Avon has also just acquired the rights to my next two historical novels.


Allison Macias said...

Congrats on it being moved up! That's awesome! And that you have the next two novels lined up! can't wait!

lizzy J said...

Brandy, thank you for the heads up on the change of release day. I can not wait to see what those two next novels will be. They love you Brandy and must have more of you. Congrats on the good news.

Brandy Purdy said...

Thanks very much. I hope the books will be well worth waiting for.