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Interview About The Queen's Pleasure by Brandy Purdy / A Court Affair by Emily Purdy

Alison has posted a brief interview about my upcoming novel The Queen's Pleasure (A Court Affair) on her blog The Musings Of A Book Junkie at

Exclusive on the Upcoming Release of The Queen's Pleasure by Brandy Purdy

Amy Robsart and Elizabeth I loved the same man. But one died early, and her death is shrowded in mystery. Brandy Purdy stopped by to give us an exclusive look into her upcoming release The Queen's Pleasure, which is Amy's story.

Q: How did others view Amy?

A: There isn't much evidence from the time to suggest that Amy had an friends. Gossip about Robert's relationship with Elizabeth often mentioned that he had a "beautiful wife." But she was without doubt seen as the one great obstacle in the path of her husband's ambition to be King. One of the reasons I was drawn to Amy's story is that so little is actually know abouther. When I first discovered her story in a book of unsolved mysteries I read as a child and then went on to read more about the Tudor era it always frustrated me that Amy often seemed little more than a name on the page, a person who only mattered because of the mysterious and--to her husband and the Queen--inconvenient way she died.

Q: Explain her reluctance to go to court. Was she really a recluse?

A: I think she didn't go because Robert didn't want her to, and she lacked the kind of forceful personality to make it happen anyway. Perhaps she felt out of her depth or intimidated? Perhaps Robert played on this using her own natural nervousness at a lifestyle she was unaccustomed to as a weapon against her, to keep her away because he didn't want her there. But I don't think she was a recluse in the sense of hiding in the house, afraid to go out as the use of the word "agoraphobic" on the back cover of the British edition of my book might suggest. The Amy of my novel grows up on a large country estate, that is her world, and unlike many girls of the period she never harbors dreams of goingto London and serving at court, she is content in her world, while it lasts, and mourns its loss after the life she knew is gone.

Q: Did Amy regret her marriage?

A: Well I can't speak for the real historical Amy becuase enough simply isn't known about her, she didn't leave anything behind that offers us a window into her soul. But in my novel Amy is a very conflicted woman, she loves Robert even when she knows she shouldn't, her head and her heart are constantly at war upon this subject.

Q: Did Amy fear Robert?

A: I think she did. With all the rumors swirling around that Robert wanted to get rid of her to be free to marry Elizabeth, and there was even talk of Amy taking precautions against being poisoned. And, in my novel, this only adds to her anguish, loving a man she also fears.

Q: Who did Robert really love?

A: Himself for certain. I think not knowing is part of what makes Robert Dudley fascinating to this day. Would he have still loved Elizabeth even if she had been a milkmaid or a squire's daughter like Amy was instead of a princess then Queen of England? I'm sure that was a question that ocasionally crossed Elizabeth's mind in her day and it still remains without a definite answer.

The Queen's Pleasure by Brandy Purdy will be released in the USA on June 26, 2012 and on August 2, 2012 in the UK as A Court Affair by Emily Purdy.

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