Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Mozart Conspiracy by Scott Mariani

Following the trend set by the bestselling The Da Vinci Code, this is yet another novel that blends past and present to create a fast-paced modern-day thriller when secrets and relics of the past can still claim lives centuries later.

When opera star Leigh Llewellyn’s brother dies under mysterious circumstances she asks her first love, Ben Hope, an ex British Special Air Service officer to investigate. Could Oliver Llewellyn’s supposedly drunken fall through the ice covering a frozen lake be connected to his unfinished book about Mozart?

As Ben and Leigh delve into Oliver’s files they disvoer that Mozart’s ties to freemasonry may have led to his murder at the hands of a powerful, elitist splinter group known as the Order of Ra. And the search is on to find a letter, supposed by many to have been a fraud, which, if authentic may prove that the famous composer was indeed poisoned.

When they receive a video of a man having his tongue cut out and then being disemboweled in a ritual sacrifice they learn that the Order of Ra is alive and well and will stop at nothing to keep their secret safe and Ben and Leigh are soon running for their lives across Europe with a band of assassins on their heels.

Overall, this was a pretty good mystery/thriller, it kept my attention and I flew through it. I personally thought it would have been a much better book if instead of being set entirely in modern times it had been interlaced with some 18th century scenes of Mozart’s life and last days, but don’t let that keep you from giving this a try if the storyline piques your interest. If you like thrillers laced with history and are interested in Mozart and the freemasons this might be a good book to curl up and pass some time with.

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