Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

I love Ms. Allen’s books, this is another brisk, breezy read sprinkled with magic like confetti candy on a cupcake. The heroine of this novel is Josey Cirrini, a plump spinster of twenty-seven who hides her stash of sweets, romance novels, and travel magazines in the closet of her room in the big blue Victorian house she shares with her vain, elegant, and domineering mother in Bald Slope, North Carolina.

Enter waitress Della Lee Baker, like a tough-talking fairy godmother, literally through Josey’s closet door. For her own reasons, Della has chosen Josey’s closet to hide out in, and while there she decides its high time Josey broadens her horizons and stops living her life to be her mother’s escort, chauffeur, and all around doormat and dogsbody. To this end she enlists the aid of her friend Chloe, a gorgeous redhead for whom books magically appear when she needs them, who also happens to be the girlfriend of the best friend of Adam Boswell, the mailman Josey secretly loves.

This is a fun little book--chick-lit with fairy dust to make it extra special and above the norm.

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