Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Thomas by Robert Grimes

This novel tells the story of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, through the eyes of his best friend and beloved wife—Martha, affectionately called “Patty.”

From the time of their first meeting at her father’s plantation in 1770 to her death from complications of childbirth in 1782 their love story unfolds across the pages of Martha’s journal where womanly concern—like housekeeping, pregnancies, childbirth, entertaining, child care, illness, and domestic quarrels and romantic reconciliations—blend deftly with politics and rebellion as the thirteen colonies unite into one nation to throw off the yoke of British tyranny.

If you are interested in what life was like for women in colonial America, I highly recommend this novel, it has a very authentic and realistic feel, it is very descriptive and evocative of the era, though some might find it a trifle monotonous and slow with its endless cycle of pregnancies with both happy and sad outcomes, that was the sad reality of a woman’s life, and it rings true. Ms. Grimes did a marvelous job in recreating the lost voice of Martha Jefferson, who died before she could see her husband become President.

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