Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Faculty Club by Danny Tobey

Jeremy Davis is excited when he is accepted at “the greatest law school in the world,” an elite, ivy-league New England university. For a small-town Texas boy, this is a great accomplishment. Soon he is the rising star of his first-year class, has a job as a research assistant for the most popular professor, and has caught the eye of a beautiful classmate, and is a candidate for membership in the mysterious V&D club, a secret society that promises success beyond one’s wildest dreams to its members, who have gone on to become presidents, senators, diplomats, and CEOs.

But there is more to the club than meets the eye. And is membership worth the sacrificing everyone Jeremy holds dear?

Combining elements of voodoo and the quest for immorality, The Faculty Club makes a good, fast read for fans of thrillers and mysteries, conspiracy theories, and secret societies.

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