Monday, December 3, 2012

Cover Art For The Queen's Rivals by Brandy Purdy

THE QUEEN'S RIVALS by Brandy Purdy

In an age when royal blood can be as much a danger as a blessing, Lady Jane Grey and her sisters, Katherine and Mary, are pawns for unscrupulous men. Jane lives for learning and tries to hide her beauty beneath plain clothes. But her parents’ ambitions compel Jane to marry the frivolous Guildford Dudley. When Dudley’s father persuades Edward VI to make Jane his heir and disinherit the princesses Mary and Elizabeth, her fate is sealed…

Jane’s younger sisters have never coveted a crown, yet they are seen as possible rivals for Elizabeth’s throne. Forbidden to marry, they are kept at court under the Queen’s watchful eye. But love will prove too powerful a lure to resist, and each struggles to choose her own destiny—while keeping her life.

To be published in July in the USA and in August as THE FALLEN QUEEN by Emily Purdy in the UK.

I will post a better quality image when I receive one from the publisher.

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Allison Macias said...

Yay Brandy!! I can't wait for this one!!!