Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson

Justine Meade has only ever loved two people in her life—her son Tony and her gray and black Sheltie Mack. And she lost them both. Tony, during a rebellion teenage phase, when she thought a summer with his father might help, and he ended up deciding not to come back. And Mack, during a cross-country trip to her childhood home to see her dying father. When Justine lingered too long in the bathroom, Artie, the truck driver who was giving her a ride, drove off without her, and abandoned Mack on the road.

Desperate to find her dog, Justine hitches a ride with a one-legged Harley riding violinist, and tries to catch up with Artie. Meanwhile, Mack is taken in by Alice and Ed Parmalee, a couple still grieving the suicide of their only daughter, a miracle baby born when Alice was forty and had given up all hope of ever having a child.

Mack brings the light back into the Paramlee’s lives and they make only a half-hearted attempt to reunite him with his real owner. For them it is a real struggle, to do what they know in their hearts is right, or to keep the dog that has brought joy back into their lives and brought them back together when they were drifting further and further apart.

If you like sentimental, bittersweet, heartwarming reads, and/or animal stories, this just may be the book for you.

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