Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Faculty Club by Danny Tobey

Jeremy Davis is excited when he is accepted at “the greatest law school in the world,” an elite, ivy-league New England university. For a small-town Texas boy, this is a great accomplishment. Soon he is the rising star of his first-year class, has a job as a research assistant for the most popular professor, and has caught the eye of a beautiful classmate, and is a candidate for membership in the mysterious V&D club, a secret society that promises success beyond one’s wildest dreams to its members, who have gone on to become presidents, senators, diplomats, and CEOs.

But there is more to the club than meets the eye. And is membership worth the sacrificing everyone Jeremy holds dear?

Combining elements of voodoo and the quest for immorality, The Faculty Club makes a good, fast read for fans of thrillers and mysteries, conspiracy theories, and secret societies.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Tabby!

Tabby's birthday was on September 17th, my little girl is five years old. Due to my illness, we had to postpone celebrating her birthday, so I'm late posting the pictures this year. Here they are now, I hope you will enjoy them.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Kingdom of Childhood by Rebecca Coleman

Judy MacFarland is a bored and frustrated forty-three-year-old kindergarten teacher whose family is falling apart before her eyes. Her husband is so engrossed in his pursuit of a PhD and writing his dissertation, plus his secret addiction to prescription drugs, he just doesn’t have time to be a husband to her anymore. Her son is a high school senior busy doing his own thing, and his girlfriend. And her daughter, away at College, has suddenly decided to embrace Christianity and sign a purity pledge.

Zach Patterson, is a sixteen-year-old high school junior, who has just moved to Maryland from New Hampshire, he misses his friends, and is still struggling to come to terms with the knowledge of his mother’s secret extramarital affair.

When the two are brought together to work on a school fundraiser it is a recipe for disaster. Zach and Judy begin an affair. It’s just sex, no love or genuine emotion is involved, yet it soon becomes an addiction for both, a habit neither can break, though Zach repeatedly struggles to. He’s attracted to a girl his own age and wants to pursue that and just be a typical teenager, but every time he tries to break it off with Judy he only ends up back in bed with her. Judy can’t take “No” for an answer, and sometimes it’s just easier to give in and get it over with and give her what she wants.

The book alternates between the past and present, with chapters about Judy’s childhood in Germany with her mentally ill mother, and her father’s affair with the hired girl, to help the reader better understands the secrets and instability she harbors.

If you’re interested in stories about teacher-student affairs, you might find this book interesting to see how these situations can develop and the psychology involved, though these particular characters can be somewhat annoying, like a cheese grater on the nerves, at times.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Underside of Joy by Sere Prince Halverson

Ella Beene is a happy wife and stepmother in the little town of Elbow, California where her husband runs the store he has inherited from his grandfather. Ella dotes on her stepchildren, six-year-old Annie, and three-year-old Zach, and loves her husband Joe.

But things can change in the blink of an eye, without warning. One summer day Joe, whose hobby is photography, breaks his own rule—Never turn your back on the ocean—and is killed by a rogue wave.

At the funeral, Joe’s first wife, the beautiful, aloof and poised blonde Paige, reappears, after having walked out on her family three years ago. During those three years, Ella has been the only mother the children have known, but Paige doesn’t really care, she is determined to win custody of her children.

This is an engrossing family drama, about how hard it is to do the right thing and to even know sometimes what the right thing is.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Winters In Bloom by Lisa Tucker

Kyra and David Winter seem to have the perfect life, they are happily married, with a comfortable home, and good jobs. They are the proud parents of a five-year-old son, Michael, to whom they strive to be the perfect parents, though some might say they overdo it and even call them “helicopter parents,” of the most zealous and overprotective sort. But Kyra and Michael believe their overprotective tendencies are entirely justified.

When Michael vanishes from the backyard on an ordinary summer day both Kyra and Michael think their pasts have caught up with them. Each suspects someone from their past has abducted their precious boy. David suspects his unstable first wife, Courtney, and Kyra thinks someone from her estranged family is responsible.

This is a story of family, secrets, and lies, the things that even though we try to hide them from others, are never truly hidden from ourselves, and the role they play in shaping who we are and why we do the things that we do.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two New Tabby Pics

Here are two new pics of Tabby in her summer dresses. She likes to lay on the couch in the living room by the window and watch the hummingbirds. Sorry the quality isn't the best, we had some lighting/camera issues.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

An abandoned orphanage on a mysterious island and a cache of old, and very odd, photos form the heart of this unusual novel.

Jacob’s grandfather, Abraham Portman, a Polish Jew was sent to the orphanage as a war orphan during World War II, to save him from the Nazis, tells his grandson a strange story of children with unusual talents—the ability to levitate, disappear, perform curious feats of strength, or handle fire, housed at the orphanage to quarantine them from society, to prevent their being a danger to others as well as to themselves.

After his grandfather’s death, Jacob sees a hideous monster in the forest and travels to the mysterious island off the coast of Wales to explore the ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. He finds himself caught in a time loop that endlessly repeats the same day—September 3, 1940, and meets Miss. Peregrine and her unusual charges, including the girl, Emma Bloom, his grandfather loved before he left the island. He discovers that his grandfather’s own peculiar talent was the ability to see monsters—the hollowgasts and wights, soulless former peculiars who tried to defy time and live outside the loop but were changed into monsters instead and now prey on Miss Peregrine’s pupils. Jacob discovers that he has inherited his grandfather’s gift, and must make a choice between life as he knows it, as a modern boy, or to remain in the loop forever.

This was an interesting book and the old black-and-white photos that illustrate it are both fascinating and creepy to look at.