Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Magic Room A Story About The Love We Wish For Our Daughters by Jeffery Zaslow

It’s hard to believe it but a family owned bridal shop in a rural town so small it has only one stoplight has been visited by over 100,000 women in their quest for the perfect wedding dress since it opened in 1934.

This book tells the story of Becker’s Bridal and some of the special brides who have walked through its doors as well as the four generations of women who have owned it.

Upstairs, in what used to be a bank vault (the building was originally a bank that failed during the Great Depression) there is a special room with mirrored walls, soft lighting, and a circular pedestal at the center known as “The Magic Room.” It is here that brides are brought to try on the dress that just may be “the one.”

Among the stories shared here are brides without mothers, widowed brides taking a second chance on love, brides who have survived tragedies and illnesses, pregnant brides, and purity pledges, and the inside scoop on what it is like to run a bridal shop. While it may lack the cosmopolitan glamour of wedding dress reality shows like “Say Yes To The Dress” this book definitely touches the heartstrings and, if you’re sentimental, just may bring a few tears to your eyes.

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