Saturday, March 16, 2013

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott

Thirteen-year-old Lizzie and her next door neighbor Evie are best friends. And Lizzie is in awe of Evie’s glamorous big sister Dusty and adores her father, who makes jokes and takes the girls places.

But everything changes one afternoon when Evie disappears. The only clues are a maroon car Lizzie saw drive past twice after school while the girls were waiting for Lizzie’s mother to pick them up, and a pile of cigarette butts by the pear tree where a man might have stood gazing up at Evie’s window.

Panic sweeps the community and Lizzie finds herself bombarded with questions about her best friend. Was she unhappy? Upset? Had she said anything about being watched or followed? Would she have gotten into a car with a stranger?

This novel is a fascinating and masterful account of what happens after a child goes missing, and everyone is left waiting and wondering and following every little clue no matter how tenuous. 

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