Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rin Tin Tin The Life And The Legend by Susan Orlean

The story began with a litter of German Shepherd puppies found in a bombed-out dog kennel on a battlefield in France in 1918. It was a miracle that they survived the carnage of World War I. Lee Duncan adopted two of the puppies, a boy and a girl, he named Nanette and RIn Tin Tin after the little yarn dolls soldiers carried at the time as good luck charms.

Nanette died young, but the male, Rin Tin Tin, thrived and would live to become a legend that would never die. He became a star, famous for his feats of daring and canine heroics, and even saved Warner Bros. studios from bankruptcy.

Determined that Rin Tin Tin would live forever, Lee Duncan bred and trained his descendants to carry on the name. From silent films to television, despite some ups and downs, and hard times, “Rinty” as he was affectionately called, remains the movies’ greatest and best loved canine star.

This book traces the story from 1918 to the present day and makes a great read for both movie history buffs and dog lovers.

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