Sunday, October 20, 2013

Breed by Chase Novak

Alex and Leslie Twisden seem to lead the picture perfect life together. They have a passionate marriage, both have great jobs, and they live in a luxurious Manhattan townhouse furnished with antiques. The only thing that is missing is a child.

They've tried every fertility treatment they can find, but nothing has worked. In one last desperate attempt to start a family, they travel to Solevenia, to see the mysterious Dr. Kis and submit a painful new procedure involving injections and drinking vials of mysterious bright pink liquid.

Leslie soon discovers that she is pregnant, but the side-effects are not what she expected. And they are not just affecting Leslie, Alex is suffering from them too. Both experience the accelerated grown of thick dark hair on their bodies and faces, and mood swings that seem to exceed the typical hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. For example, when Leslie, unable to go to work or out in public because of the hair growth, seeks the help of a dermatologist, she bites the doctor. Alex’s toenails grow so fast, he can’t keep himself in socks. And they both experience a disturbing verbal confusion, where they forget or leave out words or say the wrong ones.

But they get the baby they longed for—two of them in fact. Leslie gives birth to twins they name Adam and Alice.

Fast forward ten years. Things still aren't back to normal, in fact they've gotten worse. Why are the twins locked in their rooms every night? What are the strange and terrifying sounds they hear coming from their parents’ bedroom? Why do family pets disappear? No one in the family has any friends or a social life; invitations are something to be dreaded. Their parents have forsaken their jobs. Alex and Leslie eat meat so rare it practically swims in blood and their beautiful townhouse that has been in Alex’s family for generations has fallen into ruin and many of the beautiful antiques have been sold.

In desperation, the twins embark on a quest to discover the truth about their strange lives and their parents’ bizarre behavior. But will it be worse than what they already know? I recommend you read this gripping all-nighter to find out.

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