Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers

This novel certainly was a tangled web, so many lives, so many complications, all tangled up together, but the author did a marvelous job, creating difficult but realistic, thought-provoking situations and characters I could understand and feel for.

Tia made the mistake of falling in love with Nathan, a married man with two sons. To him, she was just an affair. He had no intention of changing his life for her. After she got pregnant, he disappeared after first advising her to have an abortion. Instead of following his advise, Tia gave her daughter up for adoption, and a part of her has regretted it ever since. She’s been drinking and her life has been slowly falling apart ever since and the ghost of Nathan and their relationship has never stopped haunting her; she just hasn't been able to recover and move on.

Five years later, she impulsively sends Nathan copies of the pictures she receives each year from the couple who adopted her daughter. Nathan’s wife, Juliette, has the outwardly perfect life. She’s the part owner of a successful line of organic cosmetics and a happy wife and mother. After Nathan confessed his affair with Tia he promised he would never cheat on her again. Juliette believed him. So when she opens Tia’s letter she is devastated. She never knew there was a child inside, a little girl who looks so much like her own children. How could Nathan reject and deny his daughter? And what others secrets is he hiding? What other lies has he told?

Juliette goes in search of Nathan’s daughter. Savannah, she discovers was adopted by Caroline, a work-driven pathologist dedicated to curing pediatric cancer, and her wealthy businessman husband Peter. But Caroline, has secrets of her own. In her heart, she knows motherhood is the wrong role for her. She just does not enjoy doing mommy things like playing with her daughter, she’d rather be in her lab working.

As the novel progresses, everyone comes together with Savannah at the heart of it all, as the knot tying them all together. Will it all unravel or become an even more tangled mess? It’s definitely worth reading to find out. I enjoyed this one so much that I immediately ordered the author’s previous novel, The Murderer’s Daughters, which I hope to read and review here eventually.

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