Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Never List by Koethi Zan

For years, after surviving a car accident, best friends Sarah and Jennifer have faithfully kept “The Never List,” a list of all the horrible fates that can befall the human race, until, one night, as college sophomores, against their better judgment, they accept a cab ride. They spend the next three years naked and chained up in a sadist’s cellar alongside the other girls he has abducted.

Ten years later, Sarah, is struggling to lead a “normal” life. She is a thirty-one-year-old recluse who works at home for an insurance company and rarely leaves her apartment. She has her groceries delivered and her therapist makes house calls.  She is still trying to come to terms with the fact that Jennifer died and she survived.

When their abductor comes up for parole and begins sending taunting letters to her and the other survivors from jail, Sarah forces herself to face her past, and the other girls, who hold a grudge against her, and read the letters in the hope that he will slip up and reveal where he buried Jennifer. But is he really playing a game of cat and mouse and trying to lure the girls who got away back into his web?

Sarah’s quest for closure leads her across the country into a perverted and scary world of BDSM, secret societies, religious cults, and torture chambers, and she discovers there may have been more victims than the police realized, and that her abductor may not have acted alone.

This was a very gripping novel. I could not put it down until I reached the final page. 

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