Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Man in the Picture A Ghost Story by Susan Hill

On a cold, dark night an elderly professor decides to reveal the haunting truth behind an eighteenth century painting of a Venetian carnival scene to a former pupil. The picture, purchased at auction during his youth, has the power to captivate the living in a very sinister way.

After he acquired the picture, the professor was summoned to the estate of the elderly Countess of Hawdon. The picture should never have been in that auction in the first place, and she is desperate to reclaim it, because it is the last link to her husband. He was drawn into the picture, and can still been there, his face a mask of desperation and terror amongst the revelers.

The canvas, she claims, was cursed, by Clarissa, the woman Lawrence spurned when he fell in love with and married her. The bitter Clarissa was determined to exact her vengeance on Lawrence and his heirs. But how, and when, if ever, will the curse end?

I really enjoyed this little book, I actually enjoyed it much more than Ms. Hill’s more popular ghost story The Woman in Black; if you have read that book and found it a little ponderous or hard to get through due to its style, I encourage you to give this a try, you may like it better.

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