Friday, October 17, 2014

A Teaser from The Ripper's Wife

Love makes sane men mad
and can turn a gentle man into a fiend.

On the outside it looks so innocent, just an old battered book, musty and dusty, nothing special at all. An ordinary diary bound in cardboard covered in rusty black cloth, corners bent and bumped like a quartet of bruised and broken noses, a tad frayed in places like curmudgeonly eyebrows grown wildly awry, chipped and fading gilt accents. Seven lucky gold bands adorn the spine.  I chose it for that reason, because he, because we, believed in luck.  You could walk into any stationary shop in the civilized world and find one just like it. I know: I’m the one who bought it. When you open the cover, that’s when the horrors begin. Your skin begins to crawl and your blood begins to chill, and you discover that this battered old diary is anything but ordinary.

Release date October 28, 2014. Available now for pre-order from and Barnes & Noble.

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