Friday, October 24, 2014

The Ripper's Wife: The Women of Jack the Ripper

The Ripper's Wife is told from the viewpoint of Florence Maybrick, the beautiful young bride

of wealthy and successful Liverpool cotton broker James Maybrick. 

Their life together is like a fairy tale. 

Battlecrease House, that Florrie dreamed would be their castle and their happy home.

Two beautiful children--Bobo and Gladys.

And the clothes...

But not all fairy tales are happy. Take for instance the tale of Bluebeard. He gives his beautiful and innocent young  bride everything her heart could desire, the keys to his castle, all the rooms filled with riches and pretty things, and asks only one thing of her--NOT to open the door of a certain room.

Opening James Maybrick's diary is like opening that forbidden door.

Florie discovers the five unfortunate down on their luck women whose lives her husband has taken and the rage-filled reason why they had to die.

Polly Nichols, the first victim.

Annie Chapman, the second victim.

Elizabeth Stride, the third victim.

Catherine Eddowes, the fourth victim.

And Mary Jane Kelly, the fifth victim, and James Maybrick's strange angel.

When James dies under mysterious circumstances, Florie finds herself fighting for her life in one of Victorian England's most infamous and scandalous murder trials. And all her mistakes come back to haunt her.

Every love has its own peculiar story, and The Ripper's Wife is James's and Florie's doomed tale of illusions and delusions.

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